Retro Fitness of Apopka, FL

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Front End Manager


Apopka, FL


Full Time

We are looking for Retro Fitness Front End Managers to drive front end sales. Front end sales include: smoothie bar, cooler drinks, pro shop, supplements and memberships. You will be responsible for driving these sales through all departments while meeting company goals. In addition, you will oversee your front end team helping you meet the company goals. You will be immersed in our Retro Operations culture to fully understand Retro’s strengths. Part-Time or Full Time meeting all State and Federal requirements and regulations. (See ADP for assistance.)

 Live by the RETRO values – integRity, dEdication, consisTency, expeRience and innOvation!


⦁ Sales experience.
⦁ Customer service experience.
⦁ Experience in managing and motivating employees.
⦁ Experience in training, teaching or coaching employees.
⦁ Sound decision making and organizational skills.
⦁ Computers Experience.
⦁ Proficiency in MS office/office 365.


⦁ Working environment can range from inside Retro Fitness Outlet to outside in the field prospecting in which the employee may be scheduled for. Pre-construction clubs may receive training via webinars or off site locations close their Retro Fitness outlet. Working hours could vary and include nights and weekends.

Direct report

This position is supervised by the positions below and in order of:
⦁ Retro Fitness General Manager


This position supervises the positions below and in order of:
⦁ Retro Fitness Front Desk
⦁ Retro Fitness Child Sitting
⦁ Retro Fitness Floor Techs

Retro Fitness Mission Statement

Retro Fitness is a Health Club built on the respect and dedication for each of our members who entrust us to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Our mission is to provide a consistent and innovative customer experience for each member to realize their true fitness potential; making America a healthier place 1 visit, 1 rep, 1 mile at a time.

Responsibilities of a Front End Manager

⦁ Assist in managing the club's revenue and expense goals.
⦁ Maintain Retro Fitness’s customer service, bring high level issues to the General Manager.
⦁ Responsible for handling member and employee issues in a professional and timely manner.
⦁ Assist in training, motivating, directing, coaching and evaluating all front end employees.
⦁ Assist in managing the Front desk, Child Sitting, and Maintenance Employees to ensure policies and procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual are followed at all times.
⦁ Create and maintain schedules for the Front Desk, Child Sitting, and Maintenance staff.
⦁ Assist in managing all aspects of inventory; entering, ordering, reconciling incoming merchandise, audits, etc.
⦁ Serve as liaison between members, staff and General Manager.
⦁ Ensure that the club meets all Retro Fitness’s standards for cleanliness, maintenance, safety, security and physical plant operations.
⦁ Ensures that all staff are wearing proper attire.
⦁ Maintain the reviewing queue.
⦁ Works with Fitness Coach to ensure continuity between departments.

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